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I Dislike You, I Hate You, I Loathe You
from I Want You, I Need You, I Love you by Elvis Presley

Oh, get out of my sight -- I can't stand you tonight
And I never liked you from the start
I dislike you -- I hate you -- I loathe you
With all my heart

Everytime you are here -- All my joys disappear
You've become everything I abhor
I dislike you -- I hate you -- I loathe you
More and More

*Oh, I thought that I needed some romance
Until you came to me
But now I know -- that I-I-I will go
On loathing you eternally

Won't you leave me alone -- Don't come by and don't phone
'Cause I thrive everytime we're apart
I dislike you, I hate you, I loathe you--
With all my heart!

Repeat from *

©1998 by Linda Koski and Larry Franks

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