You Can Meditate Away

Your Alzheimers Disease

ALZHEIMERS: The news from the medical establishment is not good. The cause is unknown and there is no known cure. No definitive diagnosis can be made until after death, which is oftentimes too late. And there is no treatment. Until now.

As part of our ongoing series of special personal interviews, PERFECT BEING is proud to present a conversation with Dr. Lewis Hizmind, Ph.D. Dr. Hizmind is a former professor of Eastern Religions at the New Age University in Laguna Beach, California, who seems to have found a means of arresting the relentless progress, and even reversing, many of the tragic symptoms of what his physicians have diagnosed to be, in all probability, Alzheimers disease.

P.B. What led you to explore meditation in connection with Alzheimers?

DR. As a result of my many years of study of the mind/body contusion in Eastern thought & religion I developed the hypotenuse, uh, ...,

P.B. Which resulted in meditation therapy?

DR. Yep.

P.B. How does it work?

DR. How does what work?

P.B. Meditating away your Alz-heimers.

DR. Oh that. Itís simple. You just sit in a corner and empty your mind. Itís kind of like ... um ... oh, whatís that called?

P.B. Zen?

DR. Zen what?

P.B. Is it like Zen?

DR. Is what like Zen?

P.B. This meditation technique that reverses Alzheimers.

DR. Good lord! Did you discover something that cures Alz-heimers?

P.B. No. You did.

DR. I did? Well then, I must be that noted authority on Eastern Culture, Dr., ..., oh heck, whatís his name?

P.B. Dr. Lewis Hizmind

DR. Thatís right. I wonder whatever happened to him.

P.B. Heís here.

DR. Where? (looks around)

P.B. Heís you.

DR. Gesundheit.

P.B. No! You are Dr. Lewis Hizmind.

DR. Well thatís a relief. For a brief moment there, I was afraid I didnít know what I was talking about. What are we talking about?

P.B. Meditating away your Alzheimers.

DR. Oh that. Meditation slows down the advance of Alzheimers and allows for greater periods of lucidity before the occurrence of the ... the ... who ARE you?

P.B. Well Dr. Hizmind. Thank you. This has been very enlightening.

DR. I can close the drapes.

P.B. Thank you for taking the time to talk with us.

DR. Huh?

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