That's Amore!

When you meet a new guy and he blackens your eye -
That's Amore!

When he acts like a swine 'cause he's had too much wine -
That's Amore!

And you cling - tingalingaling, tingalingaling - and you sing
He'll get well-uh!
And you say - tippy-tippy-tay, tippy-tippy-tay
I must stay with my fella!

When you still think he's cool when he's nasty and cruel -
That's Amore!

When you run down the street so that you won't get beat -
You're in love!

When you think it's a dream, but you find yourself screaming -
No More-ay!

'Scuza me, but you see - that's not loving, honey -
That's an ASSHOLE!


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