I Gotta Be High
From "I Gotta Be Me" by Sammy Davis Jr.

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Whether it's green
or whether it's brown
I know that I can make it through life
if I've got it around

I've gotta be high
I've gotta be high
and who does it hurt when I get stoned?

I'll smoke it in pipes
I'll smoke it in bongs I'll smoke it in joints
defend it in words and praise it in songs

I've gotta be high
I've gotta be high
The pot that I smoke makes me who I am

That workaday world
Those moments of stress
They all go away when I heed the call
Why settle for booze?
Why settle for less?
As long as I can have
A toke of good sess!

*So I've gotta smoke
That's how it must be
And my only tiny regret is that it isn't free

I've gotta be high
I've gotta be high
As high as the sky
I'll smoke it or die
I've gotta be high!

Repeat from *

Lyrics by Linda Koski, Performed by Tony Robinson Copyright 2012

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