3 Exercises To Give You Perfect Breasts In Just Minutes A Day

Now there is no need to allow the effects of gravity, advancing years, or the ravages of motherhood to keep you from having perfect breasts.

Fitness expert Rhonda DeMille has developed three simple excercises that will guarantee everyone pert, perfect breasts within a matter of months.

Whenever possible, try to do these exercises naked. As you gain strength, you'll be able to watch your breasts point in new and amazing directions!

First, assume the pose illustrated below:

Proper Stance

Exercise #1:
Take a deep breath and try to point your breasts toward the ceiling. (See Figure 1.)
Hold to the count of 5 and release. (We know that these exercises are difficult at first,
so hold them down to between 5 and 10 reps for the first couple of weeks.)

Exercise #2:
We think you are beginning to get the idea. \
Now take another deep breath and point those nipples out and away from each other, parallel to the ground.
(See Figure 2), hold to the count of five and release.

Exercise #3:
This one is the most challenging.
Lift and separate those breasts until they form an imaginary right angle from your navel (See Figure 3).
By now you know to hold to the count of five and release.

Remember, only 5-10 reps on each exercise for the first couple of weeks. Build up to more reps only as breast muscle strength develops. And this is going to happen much sooner than you expect. After a few months, try the coup de grace exercise shown below. By the time your breasts are fit enough to do push-ups, you'll know that you've accomplished something to be proud of, and you'll be ready to show them off anywhere!

The female staff at PERFECT BEING has found that doing these exercises first thing in the morning,
before the breasts get tired, to be the best approach. And yes, they really work!

The Coup de Grace:
Lie face down on the floor with hands clasped behind the small of your back.
Extend your breasts until your torso is about 4" off the floor.
(Sensitive types might wish to place a cushion under the chest.)

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