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She Has Captured The Hearts of Twelve

Some of America's most treasured songs ...
Recorded by Mary Sue Ellen Bobbi Jo Clampett-McCoy.

Now you can own 96 of America's most beloved classics, sung in the pure, honest, inimitable style of Mary Sue Ellen Bobbi Jo Clampett-McCoy. You'll be moved to tears when you hear her moving renditions of "Don't Touch That Beer," or "The Long Lost Wallet," and "My Tired aching Feet."

"Ever since I was I little girl I wanted to record these cherished songs that have been so near and dear to my heart. They've brought me such comfort and joy, especially after my unjust incarceration for killing my sweet but abusive husband, Duwayne LeRoy McCoy. When I finally had bunches of free time on my hands, I just knew I had to fulfill my lifelong dream and bring to you, all of my dear, sweet friends, this classic collection."

Mary Sue Ellen Bobbi Jo sings these poignant and beloved songs with such emotion, you'll be certain to feel each and every one of them in your heart. Thrill to the spiritually uplifting, "There's A Pain In My Liver," and "I Lost My Credit Cards." Other songs in this must-have collection include: "Flat on the Interstate," "Caught You Messing Around (Again)", "I Backed Over The Cat (Again)," "I've Fallen Off the Wagon (Again)," "Threw Out My Back (Again)," "There's a Grizzly Bear In Camp," and the ever-popular classic "I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up." PLUS - 87 MORE!

Order now and receive absolutely FREE three of Mary Sue Ellen Bobbi Jo's most requested tunes, "Cry," "Sigh," and "Why." Order in the next 15-20 years and she'll include her most requested cell-block hit, "You Don't Bring Me Herpes Anymore."

Contribute $50 to Mary Sue Ellen Bobbi Jo's legal defense fund, and you'll also receive her album of her own original songs that she wrote herself, Ditties from the Heart recorded live in her cell. This album includes, "Where'd That Wall Come From?" "Where'd That Tatoo Come From?" and her haunting signature song, "Why'dja Hafta Hit Me So Hard, Honey?" Wait, there's more! Cry with Mary Sue Ellen Bobbie Jo as she sobs "You Tore Out My Heart and I Want It Back," "If I Didn't Love You So Much I'd Hate Your Guts," "My Baby Won't Even Do Me Wrong" and "Barefoot and Pregnant (Again)." Anyone who has ever drowned their sorrows in a can of Hamm's or a bottle of Ripple can identify with her "I've Got the D'T's Over You." Her stark, histrionic emotion in "Honey, We Shot the Kids" and "Goin' Postal" will haunt you long after the music stops. And there's no forgetting "How'd Her Panties Get In My Hamper?"

"Mary Sue Ellen Bobbi Jo Clampett McCoy is certainly an, uh, interesting singer and her lyrics are, gosh, - er - unusual. I can honestly say I've never heard anything quite like her." - Reba McIntyre

Send cash, cigarettes or Twinkies to: Mary Sue Ellen Bobbi Jo Clampett-McCoy's 96 Greatest Hits,
#4389563492J, C/O the Alabama State Prison for the Criminally Insane.
The cost is only $11.95 for CD and $8.99 for cassette.
All material Copyright 2016 by Linda Koski and Larry Franks